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Welcome to Bar Associations In Kerala

barassociationsinkerala.com is an ultimate web portal providing information about the entire bar associations in Kerala. In this portal our team provides the details about the jurisdiction of each and every judiciary in Kerala based on districts. We are providing the entire details of all members of each association including name, contact address, phone numbers and email ids.

  Through this portal we are reducing your effort in accessing advocates even in far away associations so that you can access their help in operating cases. Also we are providing information about the location of each and every court inside Kerala along with route map. We also provide information about nearest road, rail and air access to all courts.

Our primary goal is to provide a reference for the public to easily access bar associations all over Kerala listed district wise. We are maintaining the details of managing commitees of each bar associations with all the courts and their respective areas of jurisdiction. Solicitors can join as members and provide their contact details that will be furnished with their areas of specialization so that they can communicate each other and even common public can communicate with them easily on need.
Our dream in the long run is a complete reference site for solicitors, aspirants of law and common public. We publish journals and important judgements that can be used for reference by legal aspirants. Solicitors and common public can find contact details of member lawyers, judicial officers and bar association managing commitees.


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